USİM Simulation Center

Uludağ University Medical Faculty / Bursa

In accordance with the educational objectives specified by university lecturers;

  • Planning, Design, Preparation of Concept Design of Simulation Centre
  • Planning of Education, Evaluation, Testing, Registration and Operating System
  • Contribute to specify Simulator Models, Type and specifications,
  • Room By Room Detection of infrastructure and main requirements, and Project design
  • Control of construction and Tracking of Preparations
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Technical and Clinical training of staff,
  • Periodical Maintenance which scope of warranty and Technical Service

Multi-disciplinary Simulation Centre Consists below units.

  • Learning Space Operating System (Education, Registration, Evaluation, Testing, Debriefing & Control Rooms)
  • Debriefing & Control Rooms
  • Scene of accident Simulation
  • Emergency Room Simulation
  • Task Training Laboratory
  • Nursing Care Simulation
  • Standard Patience (Clinical) Simulation
  • Delivery Simulation
  • Medical Imaging Ultrasonography Simulation
  • VR-Virtual Reality Anatomy Class Room
  • VR-Virtual Reality Anatomy Personal Laboratory
  • Cyber Physiology Personal Laboratory
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