Chamber, Door And Conveyor System:

The equipment is a industrial EtO sterilizer with Double ended, vertical rising, automatic controlled doors. The system includes EtO sterilization chamber and Automatic loading and/or unloading conveyor. The power door will be counter balanced for better control and manually operable.

ERNA mostly design and supplies EO sterilization units according to Customer’s specific requirements. ERNA can also manufacture according to its own specifications.

Sterilization Parameters:

EtO Concentration
Exposure Time
All above parameters defines the pressure inside the chamber.
EtO Mixture Affects the Construction of Chamber
EtO concentration in any sterilizing chamber is defined by the user (ex. 700 mg/l). Using different EtO mixtures defines if the chamber should be pressure type or vacuum type.
Vacuum Type: %90 EtO/ %10 CO2
Pressure Type:%20 EtO/ %80 CO2

Main Components:

Chamber : S/S 316L Quality
Heating Jacket : S/S 304L Quality, water circulation in 3 different regions
Heating Skid: Steam Generator for humidification, and two Heating Tanks
Vacuum Pump:
Water ring type or
Oil ring type

Mechanical Components

EtO Gas Circulation System
For homogeneous distribution of: temperature, EtO concentration and humidity)
EtO Scrubber System
Dual EtO/H2O Concentration Sensor (infrared technology)
Automatic Changeover Gas Line

Electrical Components And its Specifications

Siemens PLC and PC Panel
Jumo Independent Electronic Recorder
High Quality Component (Siemens, Phoenix, Bürkert, Festo, Oerlikon)
Ex-Proof electrical equipment (Depending on EtO mixture to be used)
Liquid Tight Conduits for cabling

Tests And Controls

* Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
- Vacuum and Pressure Leak Tests
- Chamber Wall Temperature Distribution
- Chamber Volumetric Temperature Distribution
- Cycle Performance Test
- Digital/Analog I/O Checks
* Installation Qualification (IQ)

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