Trucorp® are taking medical training to new levels of realism through development of anatomically correct training models.

Trucorp® believe that for too long, health professionals have had to tolerate unrealistic models for practicing skills training. Now in response, Trucorp® have designed, engineered and produced a wide variety of training manikins for airway management on both adults and paediatrics, comprehensive CPR and AED training as well as our new ENT surgicalmodel for laser ablation of cancers and polyps on the vocal cords.

To ensure maximum realism, the Trucorp® airway which is vitally important and integral to all of our product ranges and separates us from our competitors, has been created from CT DICOM data. This has been collected from real life paediatric, child and adult people. The airway is moulded in one piece and put through a sophisticated dipping process. For realism during fibre optic examinations the airway provides an accurate realisation of the internal anatomical features.

The fully assembled unit is manufactured from a polymer compound which gives positive tactile feedback during and after correct placement of an airway device.

It also has high technical properties to withstand continuous and repeated use. The realistic jaw assembly provides a full range of jaw and mouth movements and the innovated neck design allows realistic neck articulations ranging from extension to flexion.

The tongue on each of the models has a realistic shape and texture which responds as it would in real life and can be inflated to variable sizes to simulate different swollen tongue scenarios.

Trucorp®'s "real feel" skin covering provides a more realistic training experience, while still providing a very durable and highly elastic material to ensure repeated use. The materials used in the construction of the models combine a high level performance with ease of portability.

This includes Trucorp®'s well known integrated carbon fibre effect base which gives both strength and durability. All models are provided with a lightweight but durable black carrier case.

The Trucorp® range of products provide an invaluable tool for training in the techniques of Laryngoscopy, nasal and endo tracheal intubation, fibre optic examinations, double lumen insertions, full use of supraglottic devices, both needle and surgical cricothryoidotomy and ENT surgical skills.

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