The Deko D32 is designed and constructed to meet high capacity (upto 20 pcs DIN 1/1 baskets / cycle) and efficient, intensive processing requirements.
Process results are guaranteed throughout:
- water pressure for washing is supplied by a high powered circulation pump
- pipework and the number of loading shelves fitted with rotating spray arms are calculated to have the maximum soil removal efficacy
- wide selection of disinfection temperatures and cycle times to secure the microbial inactivation
- fast HEPA filtered drying
Cycles can be altered to meet almost any special requirement, though the standard requirements are met with the fixed, tested and approved programs inserted by the manufacturer. The advanced PLC control system allows various means for recording and downloading the process data and other necessary information. User-friendliness is also secured by the 7" colour touch-screen interface and display panel.
Tests / Approvals:
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001:1996
ISO 13485
SIS TR-3:2001
PrEN ISO 15883-1, 15883-2
IEC 61010-2-45
CE 0537


The DEKO D-32 is designed and constructed to exceed the standard performance and design requirements stated in ISO/DIS 15883-1 Washer-disinfectors

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